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QUO vadis Ferrari?

Introduction to the

Founded in 1974 the Ferrari MODEL CLUB (FMC)
which had its roots in Great Britain,
survived as the sole and legal bearer of this name.
with his headquarters in Germany (München).
Members of the FMC are collecting any size of Ferrari and also are
owning real Ferrari cars, vintage or the latest model.
In October 1994 Dominique J. F. Lahuec (pls. click on) took over presidency
for continuing this passion.
Legalizing this, a contract was agreed and signed for unlimited time
with the former founder of the Club!!!
Ferrari of Germany, presented by their General Manager, has thanked the Club's
president, Mr. Dominique J. F. Lahuec, for his well done efforts and work.
This is proof by a personally signed letter pls. click on

Countries  of origin of our members
Germany Italy Sweden
Austria Japan Switzerland
Belgium Luxembourg Thailand
Canada Macao Turkey
France Netherlands USA
Great Britain Russia

Only for our members there is the
Ferrari MODEL CLUB Magazin
(in near future the Ferrari MODEL CLUB Online-Magazine)

click on to change to FMC-Magazine

This FMC-Magazin covers the latest Ferrari scale models,
and also Ferrari road and racing cars from today and the past,
Ferrari Challenge, Formula 1, Ferrari Meetings, Model Exhibitions,
and Motor Shows in Europe, Japan, and the US.
There are often articles also in English language.

360 Modena Spider

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