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In Memoriam

Hideki Yoshida - in memoriam
Hideki Yoshida (JAP), died on 02.09.2019
Hideki Yoshida passed away shortly before his 70th birthday (*22.11.1949).
The esteemed and world-wide known Japanese painter and artist, well known under
Ferrari enthusiasts, started his career as student for the art of sculpturing
and continued at the design-school as designer of textiles.
In 1971 he moved to France and gave his first exhibition in 1977.
He specialized on automobiles of different makes until he made his master
with paintings of Ferrari automobiles.
Already in 1981 he had his first Ferrari exhibition at Mas du Clos, the Mecca
for the rarest Ferrari racing cars for many years of the owner Pierre Bardinon.
In 1995 I met him at Mas du Clos and he kindly promised me to support my Ferrari
MODEL CLUB Magazine with four cover pictures for the 1996 edition.
Later he supported me again with paintings for the complete
2002 annual edition of eight numbers
His last exhibitions, under the title "Reflection", took place in 2018 in Japan
in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya with the great support of the world-known Japanese
Ferrari collector Junichiro Hiramatsu.

In Memoriam

Niki Lauda - in memoriam
Niki Lauda (A), died on 20.05.2019
Niki Lauda passed away shortly after his 70th birthday (*22.02.1949).
Reason is most probably the breathing of dangerous smoke of burning material during
his fire accident at Nürburgring in 1976.
He was 2nd successfull Ferrari driver behind Michael Schumacher. He joined Ferrari
from 1974 to 1977, won two championships in 1975 and 1977, held 15 victories,
32 places as 2nd and 3rd, 23 pole positions and ran 12 fastest laps.

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