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1. Photos from Fiorano, Maranello, and Modena
Galadinner in the tent on Fiorano Test track In the Ferrari factory court - F1 racers of the past
Modena - Ferraris in a row in front of the town hall
Avvocato Agnelli so close in reach Ferrari president di Montezemolo
250GT SWB Berlinetta of FC France

All photographs taken by Dominique J. F. Lahuec

2. This unique, limited (1,000 copies) and numbered


photo calendar

45 x 34 cm (17.7'' x 13.4'')

of '98 is a must for your

Ferrari items' collection!!.

It is a souvenir on

"Ferrari's 50th 1947-1997
at Modena and Maranello"

You may use this calendar

every day, every month, and for many years

with these unique photographs.

My visit of this particular event
was the inspiration for this Calendar:


Calendario - Ferrari MODEL CLUB -
"Ferrari 50 anni      ...Grazie!"
Flowers in the court of the Chamber of Commerce at Modena
photographs (images) copyright Dominique J. F. Lahuec
all rights registered - Ferrari MODEL CLUB Verlag

My idea was to make a choice of very rare photographs which
only can be re-made if one is going to travel around the world.
The owners of these unique Ferraris have flown in their most
valuable collector's items from New Zealand or the United States.
The photographic locations have been chosen to only be either at
the city of Modena or the Ferrari test track Fiorano, near Maranello.

Dominique J. F. Lahuec
AAC 815 Ch.-Nr. 021, Cathedral of Modena   166 Coupé Ch.-Nr. 007, Piazza Grande Modena   166 MM Barchetta Ch.-Nr. 064M, Pista di Fiorano
January                                                 February                                                 March

340MM Barchetta Ch.-Nr. 0280AM, Piazza Grande Modena   375MM Coupé ''Bergmann'' Ch.-Nr. 0456AM, Cathedral of Modena   750 Monza Ch.-Nr. 0572M, Giardino Botanico Modena
April                                                 May                                                 June

250GT TdF Ch.-Nr. 0607GT, courtyd. of chamber of commerce Modena   268SP Ch.-Nr. 0798, Pista di Fiorano   250GTO Mannequin, Giardino Botanico Modena
July                                                 August                                                 September

412P/330P3 Ch.-Nr. 0844, Piazza Grande Modena   330P3/4 prototipo Ch.-Nr. 0850, Modena   1st Ferrari leather suitcase from Cuoio Schedoni, Boutique Modena
October                                                 November                                                 December

Letters - Stimmen - Lettres - Ringraziamenti :

- Cuoio Schedoni Modena s.n.c. , Sig. Mauro Schedoni (I-Modena):
... This is a wonderful Calendar and we appreciate it very much.

- Comune di Modena , il sindaco - Mayor of the City Dottor Barbolini
(I-Modena): ... Mi complimento per l'ottima riuscita del
calendario e per la qualità delle Sue fotografie e
Le auguro che l'iniziativa riscuota un meritato successo.

- MEB company member Mrs. A. Müller (D-Memmingen): ... received
your calendar ... it's really great ... I think, I have
a very special gift for someone.
All my compliments for these very beautiful pictures !

- Comune di Maranello , il sindaco - Mayor of the City G. Bertacchini
(I-Maranello): ... le persone riceveranno il calendario ricevano
con esso una buona impressione del nostro Paese. Questo grazie anche
alla eccellente qualità delle foto da Lei scattate e per le
quali Le faccio i miei complimenti.

- Ferrari Club Japan President J. Hiramatsu : ... As you know, I was
in Italy at that time and I like your calendar very much.

- Ferrari Club France member + owner of a 250 GT TdF (F-Lyon):
... Your calendar was shown to me from the FC France
president Dr. D. Moreau. I had the honour to drive my Ferrari
from Rome to Maranello - my 250 GT TdF - and this one is
shown in your calendar. Please send me four copies of
this Calendario!

- Collection Mas du Clos M. Pierre Bardinon Owner of the worldwide
most famous Ferrari-collection - F-Paris:
... Your calendar pleases all of us very much !!!

- Ferrari MODEL CLUB - founder and formerly president
R. Heiderstädt (D-Lage): "... This calendar
is made like of a professional !
Heartful congratulations

- Ferrari S.p.A. Presidente Luca Cordero di Montezemolo
(I-Maranello): "... Congratulations for the enthusiasm
for Ferrari you put in this 'Calendario 1998'.
I really appreciate it."

- Ferrari Club of America , Publisher of
"Prancing Horse Magazine" Mrs.
C. Clavin (USA-Atlanta):
"... Your calendar is beautiful. I can see that you put
great effort into it - and I know that it was a big project."

- Ferrari Club France President D. Moreau :
"... Je vous souhaite tout succés le vendre."

- Ferrari Owners' Club UK , Club Secretary
P. Everingham : "... Very good it is
and I hope it will be a great success."

- Ferrari Owners' Club Suisse President K. Schär :
"... This calendar is very attractive and has an ideal
format. Heartful congratulations for this successful first
master-piece of art.

"Ferrari 50 anni     ...Grazie!"
Calendario 1998
ISBN 3-00-002038-1
This limited-edition calendar with 1,000 numbered copies shows
13 colour photographs on paper 45 x 34 cm. This "Calendario 1998"
is an expression of gratitude to Ferrari S.p.A. for the 50th anniversary
celebrations held in June 1997. These matchless photographs show 11
extremely valuable and partly unique Ferrari cars built in 1940,
and between 1948 and 1967 displayed in the attractive surroundings of
the cities of Modena and Maranello.
They will appeal to any Ferrari enthusiast who already knows
this kind of cars.


Is it for you or as a present for your Friends ???

Price 29,50 + postage 8,60 in Europe
Price US$ 75.-- (postage included in Overseas)

Pls. send your postal address by this e-mail (click here)
for receiving the order sheet.


Published by Ferrari MODEL CLUB Verlag
D-80639 München - Germany
Fax:++49-(0)89-40 06 48
photographs copyright 1997
Dominique J. F. Lahuec . president of Ferrari MODEL CLUB

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